Market Analysis and Insights: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Providing comprehensive market research, competitive analysis, and industry trends to inform strategic decision-making.

Data-Driven Decision Support: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Utilizing data analytics to inform and guide business strategies and operational improvements.

Strategic Go-To-Market Planning: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Developing customized GTM strategies that align with client objectives and market opportunities.

Partnership and Collaboration Facilitation: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Building and strengthening alliances with key industry players to expand market reach and capabilities.

Customer Engagement Strategies: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Crafting and implementing approaches to enhance customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction

Operational Efficiency Enhancement: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Streamlining processes to improve overall business performance and cost-effectiveness.

Customer Engagement Strategies: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Crafting and implementing approaches to enhance customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction

Continuous Learning and Development Programs: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Providing training and development resources to ensure clients’ teams are equipped with latest industry knowledge and skills.

Sales Optimization and Enablement: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Offering solutions to improve sales processes, tools, and team performance for maximized efficiency and results.

Sustainability and Growth Planning: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Advising long-term strategies for sustainable growth and market leadership.

Innovation Consulting: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Advising on the adoption of new technologies and innovative practices to stay ahead in competitive markets.

Change Management and Transformation Guidance: $5,000/mo. (2-month minimum)

Supporting clients through organizational changes and transformations to ensure smooth transitions and adaptability.

Go-To-Market Unleashed Packages

Building Irreversible Momentum – $5,000/mo. 1 on 1 (4-month minimum)

Supercharge your product launch with my Building Irreversible Momentum Package. This comprehensive offering is designed to help you swiftly navigate the complexities of introducing a new product or service to the market. 

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Harnessing Irreversible Momentum – $5,000/mo. 1 on 1 (4-month minimum)

Take your business to new heights with my Harnessing Irreversible Momentum service. Designed for established companies looking to grow their market share, this offering focuses on identifying and capitalizing on expansion opportunities.

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Sustaining Irreversible Momentum – $5,000/mo. 1 on 1 (4-month minimum)

Take your business to new heights with my Sustaining Irreversible Momentum service. Designed for established companies looking to grow their market share, this offering focuses on identifying and capitalizing on expansion opportunities. 

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Startup Success Mastermind (Design and Construct the Foundation) – $999/mo. (webinar-based)

Transform your startup into a thriving enterprise with my Startup Success Formula. This tailored offering focuses on helping early-stage companies navigate the go-to-market process, ensuring a strong foundation for growth.

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Phillip is a senior executive with a deep understanding of both business and technical areas. He has great product vision and negotiation skills, which can put a deal together and deliver a product to market. Being both strategic and tactical in his approach, participating directly and yet being able to lead.

– Jerry Weber, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Phillip is one of the smartest, diligent and trustworthy people I know. He always delivers. He’s built his own company and helped to build a large number of others (as an employees and a consultant). His understanding of demand generation strategies is vast and his deployment at the tactical level is excellent.

– Scott Hildebrand Partner at CMO Consulting Group

At T-Mobile, I have worked directly with Phillip on several strategic offers and campaigns for our indirect channel. Phillip is great at jumping into the organization, learning the key stakeholders, and then taking ownership and driving these efforts to a successful conclusion. He’s been a great asset to building our indirect channel for business and supporting our team on multiple fronts.

– Emily Harnish, Chief Marketing Officer

Phillip has been a key player in supporting my Team and I to drive strategy within the B2B Indirect space. He is also a Team Player and committed to make things happen both systematically and culturally within T-Mobile.

– Mike Sentowski, Vice President Dealer Channel, T-Mobile

Working with Phillip is always a pleasure. His advice feels solid, grounded and at the same time expanding and visionary. He knows in-depth the ins and outs of go-to-market strategy and is able to grasp easily the complexity of the business at hand and envisage how it can achieve its vision. He will push you, he will guide you and he will open a new perspective for you. All this in a friendly, open, collaborative and approachable manner. What I liked best while working with him? His enthusiasm for and belief in the success of my business. I highly recommend working with him to accelerate your path to marketing success.

– Roxana Valea, Founder & CEO, The HEAL Institute

We connected with Phillip through Co-Founders’ Lab, Our tech start-up was looking for an advisor and also someone with expertise in GTM strategy.

Phillip provided thoughtful, informed advice on a range of topics, from customer acquisition strategies to product development.

He quickly familiarized themselves with our business model and had an uncanny ability to identify potential issues before they became more significant problems.

Phillip’s leadership abilities were also impressive. He is managing our team with a steady hand and provided the team with the guidance and support we need to reach our goals.

I would highly recommend Phillip to any company looking for a highly skilled advisor or GTM executive.

– Mary Tucker – Founder & CEO, Experio

Phillip was a great person to work with who was always supportive and professional. He is a skilled salesperson who advocated for his customers and brought in solid business for the company. He went from a geographic sales territory to a strategic global role within the company due to his ability to create great partnerships.

– Candi Bashiri, Director, Worldwide Business Applications, Wind River Systems

Phillip has a wealth of experience that he can distill into actionable and clear direction. He has been invaluable to my business and to all the founders I have referred to him. He is an essential part of any business that wants to accelerate getting customers and scaling. He sees what we could not see and where we needed to pivot or dig deeper. He is so generous with his knowledge and time and will be a long-time advisor to me and my companies. You need Phillip!!

– Alison Arnoff – Executive Coach for Leaders, High Performers, and Dreamers seeking to achieve their next big audacious goal by unboxing their life

100% Money-Back Guarantee

It’s free to apply and there’s no risk or obligation. If you are accepted into my coaching program, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. I don’t want your money if we’re not a good fit. If you’re not happy with our kickoff call for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full.

About Phillip

Hi, I’m Phillip Swan, a seasoned Go-To-Market (GTM) strategist with an unwavering passion for driving growth, scale, and profitability for businesses across various industries. My expertise lies in creating tailored GTM strategies that blend innovation, data-driven insights, and a customer-centric approach to ensure a successful product launch, harnessing growth to build irreversible momentum and sustainable market dominance.

I transform ideas into thriving businesses. With over three decades of experience in launching innovative products and services, I have honed my skills in market research, strategic planning, and execution. As a results-driven Professional, I have led numerous successful campaigns, turning startups into market leaders and helping established companies reach new heights.

My keen eye for emerging trends and passion for creative problem-solving has made me a trusted advisor for countless clients. I firmly believe in the power of collaboration and communication to drive change and growth and foster lasting relationships. Whether you’re looking to launch a game-changing product or scale your business to new territories, I am the go-to expert to help you make a lasting impact in the marketplace.

Since starting my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with both emerging startups and including established enterprises, helping them navigate the complexities of market entry and expansion. My clients benefit from my knack for identifying unique opportunities, overcoming challenges, and forging solid relationships with key stakeholders.

When I’m not busy crafting winning GTM strategies, you can find me exploring the great outdoors, reading about the latest market trends, or mentoring the next generation of business leaders.

If you’re looking for a dedicated and results-driven GTM expert to elevate your business to new heights, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s connect and embark on this exciting journey together!

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Phillip has provided incomparable advice and mentorship for our Go-To Market-strategy and customer experience at PeerStorage. With his vast experience working with startups, and companies across multiple different industries, he has helped us connect technology and develop business strategies to create an overall better customer experience and roadmap for a greater vision. Phillip has also introduced us to his endless network for everything we need. I can’t recommend Phillip enough!

– Casey Krueger, Founder & CEO, PeerStorage

First time here?

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