Humans think with their heads and buy with their hearts.

We, as people have a natural desire to secure a reason to believe in anything we do or purchase.

Believing in something can give you a sense of purpose and direction in life, and can help you feel connected to a larger community or belief system. It can also provide comfort in difficult times, as it gives you a source of hope and support.

Belief can also inspire you to do good and make positive changes in the world. Many people find meaning and fulfillment in working towards a greater cause or helping others, which can be driven by their beliefs.

Ultimately, believing in something gives you a framework for understanding the world and your place in it, and can provide a sense of peace, security, and understanding.

The same holds true for your target audience. Your ideal customers are human and are seeking purpose and fulfillment that will fulfill their needs for a reason to believe (RTB).

In a company, RTB starts with leadership, especially the CEO.

If you can’t authentically bring a lot of energy and passion to the team, find a leader who can. For me, that’s an unshakable belief that we will win when I lead companies. When the light bulb turns on, I become a true believer. Like any true believer, I am as passionate about the opportunity as I am about my own spirituality, faith, and well-being.

I bring my energy, passion, and focus to solving customer friction and pain points.

Why does this matter?

  1. Belief: Passionate leaders believe in what they’re doing, and they convey that belief to their team. When others see that their leader truly believes in the company’s mission and goals, it can boost their own confidence and belief in the company.
  2. Role Model: Passionate leaders serve as role models for their team, demonstrating the level of commitment and effort that is expected of them. This sets a high standard and can inspire others to work harder and strive for excellence.

The roll-on effect on customers:

A business leader’s passion can create a positive and dynamic work environment, which can lead to increased motivation, engagement, and overall performance. When a leader’s passion is genuine, it can be contagious and inspire others to be passionate and committed as well. When you focus the entire organization’s passion and energy on solving customer pain points, your customers’ spidey senses pick up on it, and now your customer becomes a true believer.

This is how cults are built around your brand, as 50% of every brand is the organization itself!

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