GTM Unleashed: Knowing your numbers inspires confidence and will solve a number of “evils”

Numbers are our friends as they always speak the truth as help us to accurately quantify and measure things. Think about that for a second and let that soak in.

Numbers provide objectivity and allow us to compare and contrast different situations, making it easier to make informed decisions and eliminating unnecessary risk.

I was taught in the very earliest days of my career to know my numbers and be able to rattle them off in a way that inspires confidence and trust without saying, “Let me check my notes!” which was a sure way to get sidelined by your management in the companies I have had the privilege of working for.

In practicality, what does that mean?

Knowing your numbers means understanding the key figures and metrics of your business. Refer back to my email on KPIs – understand the source of these numbers; how they are calculated; understand the trends these numbers are telling you.

This will allow for lower risk and high-impact decisions to be made as you are informed with indisputable truth.

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