GTM Unleashed: Ignite Growth by Mining Our Hidden Gold Mines

Treasure in plain sight: Uncover familiar opportunities.

Competitive strategy expert Michael Porter once eloquently put it that the crux of strategy lies not in what we choose to do but in what we opt not to pursue. Frequently, our focus is so narrowed to discovering new prospects that we need to see the dormant resources readily available. Our current products, markets, and clientele may seem mundane, but possess an unseen capacity for expansion and creativity.

Our assortment of products is more than just the items we offer for sale. According to the Blue Ocean Strategy framework by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, our products could be potential candidates for enhancements, extensions, or even new product lines. Likewise, our existing market isn’t solely the domain we function in; it’s a landscape teeming with niches ready to be claimed. Moreover, our customers are more than just consumers; they could be prospective promoters, influencers, and partners.

To capitalize on these known opportunities, we must adopt the roles of both a wise person and a disruptor. As the wise ones, we rely on our profound knowledge of our products to pinpoint potential growth sectors. As disruptors, we question the existing norms, reminiscent of the concept of the “Innovator’s Dilemma” discussed by Clayton Christensen.

Remember that the secret to expansion doesn’t always lie in venturing into uncharted territories but often in perceiving the familiar through a new lens. Let’s direct our focus inward and reveal the hidden riches in plain sight.

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