GTM Unleashed: Friction: The Invisible Saboteur in Your Grand Plans

Alright, trailblazers and innovators, lean in. While you’ve been busy designing your grand masterpieces, an insidious force might lurk, plotting your ambitious endeavors’ downfall. Its name? Friction.

In the world of experiences, whether digital or tangible, friction is the uninvited guest who crashes the party. Those extra clicks on your website that make users jump through hoops? Friction. The convoluted checkout process that makes customers abandon their carts? Friction again. Those forms with a zillion fields that no one wants to fill out? Oh, you guessed it—blasted friction!

If you are in the technology space, hire experts in user experience (UX) and product marketing management (PMM), as they will research what needs to be built with what kind of experience with through input from a select range of your users.  I urge you to keep your engineers from defining your customer’s experience (CX).  I have witnessed this firsthand in many startups as the CTO thinks that UX and PMMs only slow the deployment.  In that, the CTO or VP of Engineering is correct, but for all the right reasons, as you only get one chance to win your customers’ hearts, minds, and souls.

Let’s make no bones about it: Friction is the sworn enemy of speed. Every unnecessary step, every redundant process, every micro-annoyance builds resistance. And in an age where time is the new currency, who can afford to waste it?

Before you get defensive, understand this: Eliminating friction doesn’t mean dumbing things down. We’re talking about refinement, crafting experiences so sleek and intuitive that they become lightning-fast, almost as if by magic. Many, including myself, use the term automagic.

Embrace a mindset of relentless simplification. Tear down those walls, obliterate obstacles, and streamline as your life depends on it. Because, in the cutthroat world of business and user experiences, it very well might.

The gauntlet has been thrown at your feet! Are you audacious enough to accept the challenge? To pursue a frictionless utopia where interactions are so seamless, they’re almost telepathic? It’s high time to shift gears from merely ‘functional’ to ‘fantastically fluid.’

Ruminating on the essence of frictionless experiences, let’s draw inspiration from the words of the illustrious Bruce Lee: “It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”  To all ye mavens of design and strategy, wield your axes and hack away at the friction. Make smooth the new fast, and let your work glide, unhindered, into the annals of legend.

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