GTM Unleashed: Build vs. Buy: Controlling your own destiny

Almost every company I work with struggles with the dilemma of whether we build it or buy it, whatever “it” is.

Let’s look at some of the merits of each:


  1. Greater control over the development process
  2. Ability to customize the product according to specific needs
  3. Lower cost of ownership over the long run.
  4. Increased security as you know exactly what code is being used.


  1. Quicker access to the product.
  2. Reduced development costs.
  3. Access to experts and technical support.
  4. Ability to leverage existing support infrastructure.

The question I ask my clients to ask themselves is, “Is it mission-critical to the company, and if yes, what is the impact to the future roadmap of our company if they disappeared, or they removed the features we sorely need for whatever reason?”

If the answer to the latter is, “We’re <insert explicative of choice>!”, then build it.

Control your own destiny and have the necessary flexibility to grow and scale your own business, especially if it is a customer-critical stack like CRM. There are several Open Source solutions out there that are easily tailorable to your company-unique requirements without the cost of an expensive to deploy and maintain commercial solution.

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